Essential Samsung mobile parts

Essential Samsung Mobile Parts

We’ve talked about Apple-branded mobile parts before, and although the most common breakdowns in Samsung smartphones don’t differ excessively from those of iPhones, there are some curious breakdowns that you should know and that are more common than you might imagine. Although this point depends on several factors, these are the samsung cell phone repair near me mobile parts that break the most from our experience:


If you notice that the back cover of your device closes with difficulty and you notice your battery inflated, apart from other consequences such as heating and the poor life of it, your battery is damaged and best of all is that in most cases this can be avoided, but we’ll tell you about that later in another post. And the truth is that if you don’t want this problem to go further we recommend replacing it as soon as possible so that your device does not leave you “pulled”.

Touch Screen

You dropped your phone and cracked, cracked, shattered your screen and it’s very annoying and at best it will continue to work and detect all the beats and gestures, but replacing the screen can save you among other things, cuts on your fingers, ears (answering) and more things, not to mention how annoying it is to see those cuts on your device screen.


If you drop your device and it does not show image or looks faded, with stains, or colored lines, you have broken the LCD screen of your Samsung and usually it is the most expensive repair that can happen to your terminal, and in the case of the mid-range in which the screen is not sealed to the touch is also difficult to change the LCD without deteriorating the touch screen.

Charging connector

This fault is very common especially if you like to use the mobile while charging, most of the time you have to charge the device in a specific posture or exerting more pressure than usual on the connector once it is damaged, this fault can damage several internal components of the phone over loads or short circuits when making a bad contact and it is recommended to replace it to avoid problems , although, in most cases this spare part is welded to the motherboard of the device and is not a highly recommended repair if you do not have much experience even in repairs with component welding.

Moisture Problems

You have fallen into the water, moisture has entered while enjoying a warm shower, a liquid has spilled on your device, whatever the origin of the tragedy immediately turns off your mobile and removes moisture as best you know and of course no rice! although we will talk about it later.

SIM card reader

You have inserted your SIM card upside down has released any of the pins, etc. And it no longer detects your SIM card or asks for the PIN code in case you have it. Well, this case is more common than you imagine and besides this spare part is somewhat difficult to change if it is welded to the motherboard of the terminal.

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