Imported Cars : Reasons to Buy one and How to do it

Buying imported cars in UAE is an option that is interesting because the costs are quite flattering, when compared with the prices managed in the national market.

The process of importing vehicles is possible thanks to Resolution No. 13 of the Ministry of Popular Power of Industries and National Production, of the Extraordinary Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of UAE published on April 29, 2019, with which the Natural persons who wish to import a vehicle are authorized, whether it is new or used.

According to the aforementioned law, vehicles of any make and model can be imported into the country , either for the transport of people, goods or cargo, as long as they are duly approved by the competent authorities in terms of transit and land transport. The importation of tractors is also allowed, according to the established clauses.

Imported cars on ships

What are the benefits of importing cars?
Among the benefits of importing a car apart from the costs, is that the possibilities of obtaining a recent and better equipped model increase; Also, that you can choose brands that are not found in dealerships in the country.

In addition to these benefits, these types of vehicles tend to be of good quality, have high performance and unique designs that often make them stand out above national cars.

The result is that the range of cars that potential buyers can select becomes wider and better assorted, the difficulty that this entails? It will be much more difficult to choose!

Which are the requirements?
Age and documentation
To import a car to UAE , interested persons must meet certain requirements such as being UAEĀ  or foreigner with a resident visa, of legal age, and be in the country before the car arrives.

They are, in turn, subject to certain statutes concerning the transfer of the vehicle to third parties and the time that must elapse, before being able to import a car again.

Pay tariffs
On the other hand, they will have to cancel certain tariffs, in addition to the import costs that are mandatory, such as the luxury tax and the value added tax or VAT.

Is it mandatory in all cases? If the car has a value of less than $ 20,000, you will simply be exempt from this process, which will encourage you to do a study to obtain the correct car.

Fortunately, with the Farago Motors it is possible to import the desired car in the most efficient way possible, since the company manages the financing of the vehicle through banks. For which they have their own personnel trained for such purposes, thus facilitating the approval process and settlement of funds for clients.

Likewise, customers have technicians who evaluate the car they want to import, reserving it and freezing the purchase price with only the initial 10%.

In the same way, the concessionaire carries out the entire documentation process, so it will be possible to avoid an action that some call tedious.

In turn, the interested person may pay a used car as part of payment and even pay the amount in installments.

The idea is that those who wish to import a vehicle to UAE, when requesting the services of Farago Motors, can have it within a period of 45 to 60 days, avoiding the cumbersome import process.

Additionally, you can avoid possible scams of which you can be a victim if you do not have the proper advice, because after all what this automotive group is looking for is that the management is short, honest and efficient thanks to the services provided , so that your customers can enjoy their imported car , as soon as possible and without inconvenience.


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